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Paths can change quite a bit from the time we first decide to take them. But when you’re a northern Ontario kid, and your path is not quite what you want, you forge another one. Northerners are strong, and determined. How else would we survive so much winter?

When James Scanlan began his education, it was in health sciences. He loved people and wanted to help them. But the work didn’t inspire him as much as the people did, and so he decided to follow his gut, and move into the trades.

12 years later, James has not only gained an education in plumbing, but has built a career and reputation in North Bay plumbing for his skill, expertise and professionalism. He has been able to move his love of working with others – helping them when they are in need – and created the opportunity to help them, while doing the work he loves and is passionate about.

When you invite someone into your home, especially someone you don’t know, it can be more than a little intimidating. When you invite James Scanlan and Connected Plumbing, you can be assured that as a  licensed and insured plumbing contractor, James will offer you high quality and affordable plumbing, whether that is for renovations, new installation, or in the worst case scenario, emergency plumbing.

When you get connected with James Scanlan’s Connected Plumbing, you can be assured that not only will you receive the best in plumbing repair and installation, but that it will be from a person who treasures his community, is Northern-born, and has lived in North Bay since he was eleven. Someone who enjoys the outdoors, fishing, soccer and hockey, and is proud to raise his two daughters in the hometown he loves.

Get connected to community, to the utmost in customer service, and your favourite local plumber: James Scanlan’s Connected Plumbing.


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