Sewer Camera Inspections
Connecting you with your Sewer Backup’s ‘Root Causes.

Have you been experiencing recurring clogged drains, sewer or drain line backups?

If so, wouldn’t it be better to see what the problem is, before you ‘throw money down the drain’ trying to fix it? Well, that’s when you need Connected Plumbing, and their sewer camera. A trusted North Bay plumbing company, with state-of-the-art technology to add to their expertise.

The sewer camera is an indispensable tool and one that Connected Plumbing can offer you as a way to understand the problem, before you waste time and money trying to repair what you can’t fully diagnose. A sewer camera inspection includes a waterproof plumbing camera that is flexible, and offers a visual inspection in real time, displayed on a monitor for easy identification of any issues including tree roots, leaks, and blockages, clogs or collapses. 

With the ability to use the sewer camera to thoroughly examine sewer lines and underground pipe – even pipes under cement or under the foundation – to understand where the problem is as well as how to fix it, you can be assured that with a sewer camera inspection, Connected Plumbing can find any issues that may be waiting. Because the only mess worse than a sewage mess, is a preventable sewage mess. 

**And this is true of new homes as well! Connected Plumbing and their sewer camera inspection can offer you an inside view of the home of your dreams, so you know it won’t become the home of your nightmares. With the ability to see existing issues, or any that may come up in future, you can either keep looking, or happily put in an offer and a plan in place to fix it. 

If you’d like to see if there is an emergency plumbing problem, before you spend one more minute thinking about it – or even if you would like a sewer camera inspection as part of your home inspection – contact Connected Plumbing today. 

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